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Server admin

I have several years experience with both Linux and UNIX servers. Lately most on Debian Linux, which I use on my own servers and also recommend when asked.

Long-term contracts

12 months or more.
(web server setup)
150 Euro
(0 )
(keeping server updated, making sure it does what it is supposed to do, per month, three months in advance)
50 Euro
(0 )
(installing additional software, repairing faulty settings, per hour)
40 Euro
(0 )

Short-term contracts

(web server setup)
200 Euro
(0 )
(keeping server updated, per month, three months in advance)
70 Euro
(0 )
(installing additional software, repairing faulty settings, per hour)
50 Euro
(0 )

The above is for server administration only and does not include web site work. Please see below if you are interested in that service.

phpBB setup pricing

(Standard forum installation)
40 Euro  (0 )
(Basic with 1 extra template and 1 mod)
80 Euro  (0 )
(Advanced plus 3 additional mods)
140 Euro  (0 )
(Premium plus as many mods that you want)
400 Euro  (0 )

phpBB MOD installation

10 Euro  (0 )
25 Euro  (0 )
50 Euro  (0 )

Other website work

Please make sure to read the information below.
A qoute is only valid for the specified work and is only valid for 90 days from date of submission.
If you accept my qoute, or some of the prices above, you need to pay 50% in advance if the cost is 20 Euro (0 ) or above and the remainder when you have accepted the work on my test server. For work on a per hour rate, you need to pay 5 hours in advance and the rest when you have accepted the work on my test server. If the work took less than 5 hours you will, of course, get the remainder refunded. For works below 20 Euro (0 ) you need to pay 100% in advance. If you wish to pay 100% on works above 20 Euro (0 ) that is gratefully accepted. After receiving the final payment I will install the work from the test server for you or you'll get the files for installing them yourself. You can of course get a quote on other work while the original work is completed or in development. Additional, not quoted work, is per my normal hourly rate.

All jobs include 90 days of free bug fixes and free installation of the work done on one server. The bug fixes only apply to the work done, new versions of external libraries or phpBB is not considered a bug and may incur additional fees. If you decide to install the work yourself, you do not get any warranty on errors done while installing or any install script that has bugs. If I install it then fixing all installation errors would, of course, be included in the original quote. Any errors that are caused by differences with your server (or your hosting company's server) and my servers would be corrected much faster if I do the install. You do not get any discount for installing the work yourself.

My hourly rate is 50 Euro (0 ).
All major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.
All of the above is only valid if there is no other agreement between you and myself.
All prices exclude 24% VAT. (Does not apply to clients outside the European Union (EU) and European clients outside Finland with a valid VAT identification number).