This is just a short selection of sites I have built or modified.
Rina Laiho Design is a Finnish company in the leather industry making trades in both wholesale and retail. They sell their own products, such as leather jackets, mittens, and leather vests for bikers. The assortment is complemented by wallets, belts, bags, etc.
I did both the design and php code from scratch. Their site supports multiple languages (for now only Swedish and Finish installed), has a order form and a admin panel to edit the content.
Koty.fi is a organization for unemployed people in Kokkola, Finland. They have activities and inexpensive meals.

They run a simple phpBB based CMS, with support for multiple languages.

Lekforum is a playground. It has a arcade with games and loads of unserious topics for all ages.

It runs a heavily modified phpBB forum and has a modified Prosilver-SE theme.
Bilvardsforum.se is Swedens largest car care enthusiast forum. The forum has a user friendly interface and has a portal that shows the latest posts from contributing forum members.

Bilvardsforum.se has a modified Prosilver_se theme. And of course runs a modifed phpBB forum and are hosted at one of my servers.

The Strategic Management Society (SMS) with a membership of 3,000, composed of academics, business practitioners, and consultants, focuses on the development and dissemination of insights on the strategic management process. SMS Discussion Forums help advance the field by providing an online gathering place for scholars, professionals and other interested members. Forums exist for Interest Groups, committees, activities and other topics of general interest.
I integrated phpBB with their existing CMS. Their CMS handles all user management (registration, logging in, profile, groups...).
You need to be member at SMS to be able to see the forum.