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Some scripts used on this site are "borrowed" from phpbbmodders.net, some downloaded from phpBB customization database and the rest is custom coded for this site.
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If there is no link below the image, then it is not free.
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This site is written in PHP utlizing a MySQL database and an Apache web server to send the pages to you.
The original code that converts Euro to US Dollar was gotten from Dynamic Guru and further enhanced by myself.

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About cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a web browser stores on the user’s hard drive. For example, cookies are used when information related to the user’s session needs to be stored for the purpose of visiting across webpages. Cookies are also used when information on the user needs to be stored so that the user is able to automatically sign in to a web service the next time. A cookie can be permanently stored on the user’s hard drive or it can be removed after the visit to a web site (session cookie).

The user of the site must be clearly and extensively informed of cookies, storage of cookie files and their purpose. The user also must be given the opportunity to give his or her consent to the saving and use of data (section 7 of PPEC).

However, there is no need to notify of the use of cookies if 1) their sole purpose is to make it technically possible to transmit the message or easier to use the service in communications networks or 2) the user has specifically required a service based on the use of cookies. Internet banking services are an example of this type of service.

At tumba25.net we use cookies for the following purposes:

  • For auto login if you have an account here and have selected that option.
  • Session cookies are used to keep you logged in.
  • Google Analytics uses cookies to count your visits at this site.

All modern browsers can be set to automatically deny cookies or to inform you that a website is trying to set a cookie. If your browser is set to automatically accept cookies you are assumed to also accept cookies from tumba25.net.

You can use this link to delete cookies from tumba25.net, they will then be removed when you close your browser.