After leaving school I spent six years as a semi-truck driver. Then in the mid 1980's I went to a, now closed, Swedish company as a C coder/server admin to work on in-house applications and manage their UNIX servers. I worked there for about four years before the call of the roads got too loud and I returned to driving.

In early 1995, when my kids were growing and demanded dad to spend more time at home, I began working at a Swedish ISP as a server administrator. In late 1998 I went back to driving again but only for about a year and a half this time. I then started my own part time business renting out servers and server space, and helping out a friend when he needed a truck driver.

Even though the server business grew to a full time job, I continued on helping out my friend until August 2005 when an accident totally ended my career as a truck driver. In the autumn of 2009 I needed to either expand or sell the server business. Expanding would mean borrowing money and hiring workers so I sold it early in 2010.

While running the server business some clients wanted help with their websites so I began to learn PHP and HTML/CSS as well as some Java. This expanded to my current status as a member of the phpBB Modifications Team between May 2009 and December 2014. In 2014 the Modifications Team changed name to Extensions Team.

Now I offer my services as a server admin, which includes maintaining and upgrading the software that is running on the server. I also do custom web development using PHP, (X)HTML and CSS. I also do integration of PayPal, Google wallet, other payment systems and APIs.

I specialize in using phpBB as back-end when building sites, with or without forums, because you can get a more slimmed site that is built exactly to your needs. But I do, of course, work with standard CMS solutions too. I also offer hosting to clients who don't want to handle that part of their website. I use an external git server to handle version control of client files.

Please have a look at the Services page for more details and feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions.